Turkish citizenship
One of the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship is to prevent the property from being recycled, i.e. selling it to a Turkish person and reselling it to another investor of the same nationality (previously it could be sold to a Turkish person and resold to a person of the same nationality as the first investor after obtaining Turkish citizenship, i.e. after 3 years, Now, it must be sold to a Turkish person and an investor of another nationality, so that the new investor can obtain Turkish citizenship as well.”
The property can be sold after obtaining Turkish citizenship, that is, 3 years after purchasing it, to a Turkish person or a foreigner directly, but the new foreign investor cannot obtain Turkish citizenship even if he is a relative, friend, or other nationality. That is, a foreigner can invest in the new property, but he will not obtain Turkish citizenship unless it is sold to a Turk and then to a foreigner, and that the foreigner has a nationality other than that of the first investor.
When buying a property for the purpose of Turkish citizenship for an amount of $400,000, you are not entitled to resell the property after obtaining Turkish citizenship, that is, after 3 years, to the person who sold you the same property, meaning that the property cannot be resold to the original owner, whether this owner is a person or a company.
When applying for Turkish citizenship or after obtaining it, when discovering a shortage or forgery in the identification papers or any required files, Turkish citizenship may be withdrawn from you even after obtaining it.
In the event of a sale or initial sale agreement, the pledge is made according to the following: “I pledge that I will not sell these properties that I bought to obtain Turkish citizenship within the scope of Article 20 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Turkish Nationality Law for a period of 3 years.” And if it turns out that the information and documents that will be provided upon implementation are not Complete, incorrect or misleading based on Article 31 of the Turkish Nationality Law No. 5901 the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship, or if this occurred as a result of a false declaration of the person concerned or concealment of important matters that constitute the basis for the acquisition of citizenship, it will be revoked by the authority that made the decision and the phrase was included “I know that measures will be taken by the relevant authorities.”
Real estate transferred to a Turkish citizen or company of Turkish origin after January 12, 2017 and subject to the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship by sale or initial sale contract must not have any record in the name of the applicant (investor) who wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship.
The most important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment are:

The applicant must be over 18 years old.
The price of the property should be more than 400 thousand dollars.
The investor’s nationality should not be among the nationalities prohibited from real estate ownership.
The property shall not be sold after purchasing it for three years.
With the new regulation announced, the Republic of Turkey grants Turkish citizenship to foreigners who:

They pay $400,000 for real estate investment.
Establishing/purchasing a company with a capital of $500,000.
Depositing $500,000 in government investment vehicles or government banks operating in Turkey, provided that this amount is not withdrawn for three years.
One of the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to employ 50 employees for a period of three years to apply for Turkish citizenship according to the new regulations.
Many regulations published in Official Gazette No. 106 related to the foreign nationality decision have been changed with the concept of Turkish nationality, and the amount of fixed capital has been reduced to 500,000 dollars instead of 2 million dollars. So, these were the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. What are the stages of Turkish citizenship, what is the relationship between Turkish citizenship and real estate, and what are the rights of the Turkish citizen and the advantages of Turkish citizenship?