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Zeytinlikoy villa


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Distinguished villa with a modern design of wood in a triangular shape and painted from the outside with metal facades to protect it from weather factors such as rain, snow and humidity located in an area full of nature and perennial trees far from the noise and hustle of the city

The villas are located in the Silivri area, west of Istanbul, which is characterized by its proximity to the Sea of ​​Marmara, as well as its picturesque nature, wide green spaces and perennial trees.

Each villa consists of two floors with various areas ranging from 227 square meters to 400 square meters in the style of three rooms and two salons.
The complex of “Zentlikoy” villas has a spacious outdoor garden, an automatic irrigation system for the natural plants grown in the place, as well as two olive trees, each of which is 250 years old, in addition to a wood-burning air conditioning and heating system, as well as car parking and a 24-hour monitoring system via surveillance cameras.

In the middle of nature and trees
car garage
24 hour security and protection system
automatic irrigation system
Wood heating and air conditioning system
For those who love flowers, you can plant the trees you like
There are two perennial olive trees in your villa

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