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$412,000 $1,352,000
$412,000 $1,352,000

About This Listing

The TOPKAPI EVLERİ project consists of 8 buildings ranging in height from 3 to 11 floors, with a total number of apartments with a height of 224 apartments and 29 commercial facilities attached to the project. It extends over an area of 12 thousand square meters, half of which is entirely dedicated to green lawns.
• Apartments vary from 1 + 1 2 + 1 3 + 1 4 + 1.

• The project Location
• The Topkapi Evleri project is located in the European section of Istanbul, specifically in the Topkapi area, which is one of the archaeological and historical areas in the city where the Topkapi Palace is located, in addition to being one of the central areas in Istanbul

• The Topkapi belongs to three areas, part of which is to the municipality of Al-Fateh, the second to Zeytinburnu, and the third to the municipality of Sultan Ayyub. This project belongs administratively to the Sultan Ayyub area, which has a historical smell and is taken from the tomb of the companion Abi Ayyub Al-Ansari. The area is home to many historical artifacts from the Ottoman era

• Project Features
• The TOPKAPI EVLERİ project is being established by the most famous Turkish construction company, the famous SUR YAPI company, and is characterized by the family content and the choice of central locations in the cities in addition to the long history of more than 50 years in the construction field.

• The location of the TOPKAPI EVLERI project, which has a high investment value, is adjacent to the famous AXIS Mall. It is located at the link between the main road and the highway, which are the nerves of Istanbul. In addition, the most famous and oldest metro lines, Aksaray Metro, pass by the project, and end at the famous Ataturk Airport station.

• Projects in central areas are usually more investment than habitable, but the construction company made this TOPKAPI EVLERI project a good choice for living and investment at the same time. The project was flooded with green spaces and decorated lakes with walking and jogging paths from Dive into a happy and luxurious life in one of the most important centers of Istanbul.

• In the TOPKAPI EVLERİ project, there are different styles, starting from a room and a salon and ending with the style of four rooms and a salon. As we mentioned previously, such spaces are rarely found in the vital centers of Istanbul.

• High-quality services as we have come to know from the construction company, whether in the final finishing of apartments or social services. There are two indoor swimming pools and a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.

• The project is far from
• 30 km from Istanbul Airport.
• 2 minutes from the metro.
• 1 minute from the TEM motorway.
• 1 minute from the main road E5.
• 5 minutes from Mall of Istanbul.

• Project Services
• The project is secured 24/7.
• Children’s playgrounds.
• Gardens and green spaces.
• jogging and walking tracks
• Winter swimming pools.
• Fitness center.
• Turkish bath.
• Sauna.
• Car garage.
• Open Cafe


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