Cappadocia  Turkey, a destination for tourists With life returning to normal
July 28, 2021,

Cappadocia Turkey, a destination for tourists With life returning to normal

With its natural, cultural and historical beauty, the Turkish region of Cappadocia is experiencing its best tourist season after the Corona pandemic, in conjunction with the return of life to normal as of early July.

Tourist facilities and hotels in the region, famous for hot air balloon tourism, began receiving reservations from tourists from within Turkey and several countries, led by the United States, South Korea and Indonesia.

** Busiest period

In statements to Anadolu Agency, Nazif Demir, representative of the state of Nevşehir in the Association of Tourist Hotel Operators, said that "the Cappadocia region is witnessing the most crowded period since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic."

Demir added that "air balloons have increased the attractiveness of Cappadocia, in addition to the various activities and events in the region that also made young people interested in visiting it after the elderly were the most frequent visitors in the past for cultural tourism."

He pointed out that they were expecting a great recovery for the tourist season with the easing of restrictions imposed due to Corona.

He pointed out that the domestic tourism market is witnessing a recovery during July and August, while they expect a recovery in the external tourism market as of next September.

He continued, "We have started receiving reservations from many countries such as the United States, Latin America, Indonesia and South Korea, and we expect to receive many reservations from China also during the winter season."

** International Festivals

For his part, Abdullah Inal, a member of the Council of the Federation of Infrastructure Services in Tourist Areas in Cappadocia, said that "youth groups from several countries will organize a festival in the region next August.

He added that this type of event will lead to an increase in interest in Cappadocia and an increase in demand.

Inal indicated that the Turks residing in Germany began to come to the region with the lifting of travel restrictions in Berlin, and that Cappadocia will witness a large turnout of them during September, October and November.

He stated that tourists from Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Canada will visit the region in the coming months.

He pointed out that South Korea had announced that it would allow its citizens who received the vaccine to travel to Turkey, and as a result, Korean and Turkish travel agencies began selling trips.

He explained that Cappadocia will host a variety of events during July and August, including two international festivals in which groups from the United States, Britain and Russia will participate, and activities by musical and sports groups.

The Cappadocia region is the first in the world in terms of the number of thermal balloon flights, as its different colors form a charming scene in the sky of the region, which is difficult to see anywhere else around the world.