Balloon trips attract more visitors to Cappadocia

The famous tourist region of Cappadocia in central Turkey has witnessed an increase in demand for thermal balloon flights in recent days, with the number of tourists increasing, following the easing of Corona restrictions.

Cappadocia, which is listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, attracts great attention from tourists, thanks to its multiple tourist attractions, such as fairy chimneys, ancient cities in the earth, valleys, and temples carved within the rocks.

Tourists from all over the world to Cappadocia enjoy watching the most prominent sights from the top through thermal balloon flights.

The balloons fly with the first rays of the sun in the town of “Goremi”, which constitutes a very impressive scene, similar to pictures of natural paintings.

In a press statement, Khalil Atay, the owner of a tourism agency in the region, said that the demand for balloon flights has increased significantly recently, with the start of the phase of easing Corona restrictions.

He added that Cappadocia is the first in the world in terms of the number of thermal balloon flights, as its different colors form a charming scene in the sky of the region, which is difficult to see anywhere else around the world.

And in early June, Turkey eased the closure restrictions in the country, to include a daily curfew between 22.00 at night until 05.00 in the morning, with a complete ban on Sundays.